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2020-08-14 | Beijing

T-Systems Implement Multiple Terminals Airport Solution for Nanjing International Airport

With the official commissioning of the T1 terminal building, Nanjing Lukou International Airport has realized the T1 and T2 "two buildings combined", which can meet the guarantee demand of more than 50 million passengers per year. The original area of ​​T1 is 132,000 square meters, and the area after renovation and expansion will reach 210,000 square meters. This time around 160,000 square meters will be used in the first phase, and the designed annual passenger throughput will be 18 million. The number of nearby seats has been increased from 16 to 32. There are 4 check-in islands, 80 check-in counters, including 70 manual check-in counters, 10 self-service baggage check-in machines, 30 self-service check-in machines and 6 transfer counters.

T-Systems undertook the construction of AODB - flight information management system, RMS - airport operation resource allocation system, IMF - flight information bus platform, FQDB - flight information query system, SSMS - ground service management system extension, and T1 new flight display system in the overall construction jobs. During the execution of the project, the team fully demonstrated the scene differences in the operation of the multi-terminal system. While completing the task of system integration in the new terminal, it must also ensure the stable operation of the original system integration platform. Every system upgrade requires repeated testing and demonstration, and the time for each upgrade is very tight. The execution ability and sense of responsibility of the team have been recognized and praised by customers. Nanjing Airport customers sent a thank-you letter to the team for their great contribution.

This project is the first domestic practice of T-Systems to support and guarantee the operation of a multi-terminal airport. T-Systems has the strength and confidence to implement more multiple terminals airport integrated system project in the future.

Source: T-Systems P.R. China Ltd.