Lobby Action on Car Repair Certification Study requested by MOT

2017-08-14 | All chapters

Mr. Cao Lei from Ministry of Transportation extended us their inquiry regarding the below question related to Car Repair and Maintainance system in Germany and U.S. as well as U.K.:

To better define a permission and supervision mechanism in China for the motor-vehicle maintenance and repair industry(automotive maintenance and repair workshops), which aims to speed up the government decision making process and power-transfer to lower levels, we would like to seek for your support to understand the following systems in Germany:

  1. Is there any permission system and certificate that related to motor-vehicle maintenance and repair at a federal level in Germany? If there is, what kind of law does it rely on? Please help specify the laws and articles for us to study and make references. And if there is no uniform permission system, what kind of system has been using? What are the specific rules for situations such as work certificate for qualified maintenance and repair engineers? Please provide concrete laws and regulations for assistance.  Who is responsible for testing and issuing the certificate for qualified engineers?
  1. What are the considerations of German government? What is the rationale behind such management model? After all, motor-vehicle maintenance and repair is an issue for traffic safety and car emissions.
  1. If German federal governments do not imply any permissions or certificate, what about state level? How many states have chosen a similar model? In addition to that, (this is specific to Germany) what are other models and how effective they are?