Meeting with Ministry of Environment and Ecology

2019-12-12 | All chapters

On 12th December, Ministry of Environment and Ecology (MEE) organized a meeting on environmental credit evaluation system and relevant regulations. Attendees were from companies, chamber and associations and law firms. 

Director Wang introduced the background of the corporate environmental protection credit rating system, and said that MEE is taking a leading role to draft a national comprehensive guideline on it. The Guideline draft is to be reviewed soon and the seminar today is to collect comments. Attendees made exchanges with MEE during the meeting, including: 

Transparency of rating standards and enforcement consistency in different regions and areas, grading information and duration of rating records be stored, the issues regarding "Blacklist" and "Whitelist",etc...

At the end of meeting, European Chamber expressed the willingness to cooperate with MEE for further exchanges on the rating system.