Comments to the Chinese Mission to the EU on Wildlife Protection Law revision

2020-03-12 | All chapters

The Chinese Mission to the EU reached out to the Chamber to collect feedbacks from European business community on the Chinese Wildlife Protection Law revision. AFB, CSR, Cosmetics, Environment and Fashion and Leather WGs reached out to members for their good practices and experiences in this regard and reported back to the Chinese Mission to the EU.

1/ Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is the main text that enterprises abide by when animal products are involved. China joined the Convention in 1980.

2/ From Agriculture and Food sector, a member cited their animal welfare policy: “We completely refrain from using raw materials derived from exotic and/or endangered animal species for our products” and wildlife habitat protection policy namely to use raw materials (like cocoa, coffee, palm oil) from sustainable farming.”

The Chamber also provided the Mission with contacts in the EU delegation to China as well as relevant NGOs for reference.