Meeting with Special Commmissioners' Office in Tianjin, MOFCOM

2020-05-12 | Tianjin

On 12 May 2020, Ms. Huang Zifan, Vice Director, Special Commissioners' Office in Tianjin, MOFCOM paid a visit to the Chamber Tianjin Office to establish a daily working relationship with the Chamber in Tianjin. Catherine Guo, GM of Tianjin Chapter introduced the Chamber mission, membership and regular communication and activities with Tianjin local government in the past years.

Vice Director Huang expressed the willingness to establish a regular close communication with the Chamber and member companies since 2020.She mentioned that Special Commissioners' Office in Tianjin was established in 1983, has been working with Tianjin Commission of Commerce before 2020. Since the year of 2020, they start to get in touch with Chambers and FIEs directly so as to further improve a better business environment in Tianjin. 

Special Commissioners's Office in Tianjin supports to improve foreign investment and would like to co-organize policy interpretations, and government dialogues with the Chamber in the near future in Tianjin. Necessary Chinese visa for foreign nationals return to China through the fast-track mechanism during COVID-19, Jing-Jin-Ji cross-region coordination support have been touched at the meeting.