Meeting with STA DDG Ye Lin'er on the cancellation of non-taxable benefits

2020-10-19 | Beijing, Shanghai, South China

On 19th October 2020, a European Chamber delegation led by Secretary General Adam Dunnett spoke with State Taxation Administration Deputy Director General (DDG) Ye Lin’er on the cancellation of non-taxable benefits for foreign expatriates. DDG Ye pointed out that he understood the cancellation of the non-taxable benefits is a pressing concern of the European business community, but that it was part of streamlining the tax regime for foreigners and Chinese nationals. The European Chamber delegation emphasized that the extra tax burden for foreign companies would increase by 80 per cent per foreign talent they employ in China and that a recent survey conducted by the European Chamber pointed out that many companies are thinking to move foreign talent and even investment out of China if the transition period ends early 2022. As the meeting concluded, DDG noted that they understood and valued the concern of the European Chamber representatives and would carefully review the materials provided by the Chamber.