Meetings with DG Enter B4 on on the Position Paper 2014/2015 and updates of Automotive Market

2015-01-27 | All chapters

Mr. Philippe Jean followed by introducing the bilateral dialogue mechanism between MIIT and DG ENTR, and introduced the scheme that NDRC/MIIT with DG ENTR as well as the topics covering, namely fuel efficiency, emissions control, type of approval and regulation enforcement as well as the international policy.


It was pointed out that 2015-2017 dialogue would focus with AQSIQ, NDRC, MIIT for the auto sector, and the annual auto working group dialogue would take place in BXL at the end of March 2015.


However, the Euro 6 legislation/Jing 6 legislation are still not in place, and the imbalance between OEM and OPS still exist. Furthermore, the corresponding punishment is low which does not match with the cost in comply with the law, and thus it is necessary to strengthen regulations to establish a healthy competitive market.


In addition, CATAC dialogue covered the topics such as types of approval, policy enforcement, safety of battery and emission control.


EUCCC also expressed the willingness of being updated on the March bilateral talks to further design the upcoming PP 2015/2016 topics among members in line with European Chamber.