Meeting with PCR

2015-01-27 | All chapters


Mr. Benjamin Musall, Policy Coordinator, DG Trade

Mr. DragoNegrescu, Policy Officer, DG ENTR

Ms. Marta Middlebro, Policy Coordinator, Unit C1, DG Trade

Mr. ManolBengyuzov, Policy Officer, Chemicals – REACH

European Chamber Attendees:

Mr. Mingyue Zhu, Chair of PCR Working Group

Ms. Tiantian Qi, Senior Business Manager



Ÿ  Meetings started directly by Michael ZHU expressing the willingness of directing CPCIF to EU for dialogue, and EU guide China on PCR development needs.

Ÿ  PP 2014/2015 KRs going through one by one:

Ÿ  ETS in China, project based practices with different treatment from MNCs and SOEs, welcoming best practices sharing and software training on capacity building with a strong project evaluation methods introduced as a safe guide. However, the policy formulation process in China is open and positive, while the problem is on enforcement and implementation in local level.

Ÿ  Clean Air Act: absolute value and general percentage impact on industry initiative, shall introduce the value to motivate the willingness rather than conducting ‘one knife measurement’ policy by percentage; shall consider mechanism like the electricity price, to differ and shape a categories treatment.

Ÿ  APIs and EXCs: define the new chemical

Ÿ  VOC definition and chain impact on the importation/logistic costs

How to feed the feedback above to the bilateral AQSIQ and DG ENTR dialogue on PCR.