Advocacy Actions

2020-08-14 > Shanghai

Meeting with Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation on Compliance Guideline

On 14th August, European Chamber representatives met with the anti-monopoly office led by deputy director Wang Zheng of the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation to discuss their latest Compliance Guidelines for Competition Among Business Operators (Draft for Comment).

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2020-08-14 > Beijing, Shanghai

5th Shanghai Government Dialogue

5th Shanghai Government Dialogue

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2020-08-13 > Beijing, Shanghai

Call with Xu Qiyuan, Director of economic development division of the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

On 13th August, the Working Group Coordinator of the Banking & Securities Working Group, Pablo Galvez, had a phone call conversation with Xu Qiyuan, Director of economic development division of the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and some of his colleagues, to explain the perspectives of foreign banks on the financial opening up and the current trends we are seeing.

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2020-08-11 > South China

BCS Meeting with the Zhongshan Foreign Affairs Office

On 11 August, a delegation from the European Chamber lead by the European Chamber South China Board Member, Fabian Blake, met with the Deputy Director of the Zhongshan Foreign Affairs Office, Jiang Ji, to discuss the findings of the European Chamber's Business Confidence Survey.

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2020-08-11 > Beijing, Shanghai

Online meeting with representatives from ASIFMA on collaboration opportunities.

On 11th August, the Banking & Securities Working Group Coordinator, Pablo Galvez, had an online meeting with Mr. Matthew Chan, Executive Director and Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at ASIFMA, and Lyndon Chao, Managing Director of ASIFMA’s Equities Division, to discuss how both organisations can better work together in the future for pushing together on key issues of the industry.

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2020-08-07 > Beijing

Had an exclusive dialogue with the senior product safety expert on EU product surveillance

Submitted comments on the Draft Revision of the Product Quality Law to SAMR

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2020-08-06 > Tianjin

Lobby Letter to Tianjin Executive Vice Mayor Ma Shunqing on Foreign Representatives of EU SMEs and International School Teachers Returning to Tianjin

On 6th August, the European Chamber Tianjin Chapter submitted letter on behalf of Chair Cheung Yup Fan and Vice Chair Frank Schreiber to Ma Shunqing, Executive Vice Mayor of Tianjin on visa applications for foreign teachers and representatives of SMEs.

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2020-08-05 > Beijing

Meeting with DG Grow First Counsellor on Lobby Letters Advocating Business Restart of Cruise

On 5th August Shipbuilding Working Group vice Chair, Mr. Tiger Yong, and Working Group Coordinator, Ms Charlotte Svensson, met with Mr. Frank Schmiedel, First Counsellor, DG GROW to brief him about the lobby letters sent to Chinese authorities and on the general situation for foreign cruise operators in China.

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2020-08-05 > Beijing, Shanghai

Submitted Comments on CBIRC’s Draft “Guidance on Implementing Comprehensive Reformation of Vehicle Insurance”

Upon the circulation of the draft within its relevant working group members, the Insurance working group on 5th August submitted comments for consideration of the CBIRC.

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2020-08-05 > Shanghai

Meeting with the Secretary-General of the Remanufacture Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CPRA)

MOFCOM: Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Administrative Measures for the Recovery of Scrapped Motor Vehicles and the developments of Implementation of Administrative Measures for Remanufacturing Industry

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