Advocacy Actions

2015-01-04 > All chapters

Comments to CFDA's "Classification Rules for Medical Devices"

The Chamber submitted consolidated Comments to the "Principles of Classification of Medical Products" (Revised Draft) of the CFDA.
In a previous Call for Comments within the HCE Working Group, four member companies had forwarded their comments to the chamber.

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2013-12-11 > All chapters

Meeting with Vice President, CASS

On December 11, European Chamber representatives led by President Davide Cucino met with Mr. Li Yang, Vice President of the China Academy of Social Sciences.

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2013-11-26 > All chapters

Meeting with Director of Foreign Affairs, SCOPSR (State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform)

European Chamber representatives met with Foreign Affairs Director Liang Yuan to understand SCOPSR’s role of China’s administrative reform, SOE reform and organizational restructuring management.

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