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2020-03-13 | South China

In early 2020, the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. With the spread of the epidemic in China, Guangdong Province launched the first-level response to major public health emergencies on January 23. During the epidemic period, Guangdong Province strengthened the management of circulation personnel, issued many local policies to prevent the epidemic trend, and implemented phased policies to help the resumption of work and production to provide life needs for residents. In confront the coronavirus epidemic situation, the whole province gathered all sectors of the community, and organized the epidemic prevention work effectively, and also giving aid to all other epidemic areas in the country.

The strength of Guangdong's anti-epidemic work comes from medical staff, troops, volunteers and so on. Among them, there are also many international groups firmly committed to China. In the video presented by - “We stand by China in this fight.”, consuls and entrepreneurs from different countries all over the world have sent out their voices to support China and highly recognized the current emergency actions of the Chinese government in the epidemic.

George Lau, vice president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and chairman of the South China Chapter, and Maarten Bijl, board member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China South China Chapter, were interviewed by In the interview, George mentioned that the epidemic has brought great changes to Guangzhou city, and the whole city has lost its majority of vitality. Maarten indicated that many European companies have donated high-quality masks to hospitals in Foshan and Zhongshan. Furthermore, He convinced that it was China's support for overseas personnel and enterprises in China that made him feel responsible for giving back with active assistance in the epidemic period.

The members of the European Chamber have been actively supporting. At present, in South China, more than 45 member enterprises have assisted in China's fight against the epidemic. They donated to hospitals and charitable foundations all over the country, and the ways of donations include but not limited to donation, material donation, medical service assistance, legal aid, relevant prevention and cleaning protection services. Up to now, these actions are still being updated continuously.