MFA Responds to Chamber’s Request to Allow the Return of Foreign SME Staff and International School Teachers Go back »

2020-08-05 | All chapters

On 6th July, European Chamber President Jörg Wuttke wrote a second letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi since China imposed entry restrictions for foreign nationals in March. The letter requested assistance to facilitate the return of foreign residents to China with a particular focus on teachers of international schools, small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employees, and their dependents.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MFAs’) official response recognised and thanked the Chamber for its support in China’s fight against COVID-19 and work resumption efforts. The response went on to articulate that China is deeply concerned about foreign businesses and strongly supports the resumption of European operations in here. It clarified that China is prepared to show pragmatism and flexibility to the greatest extent, all under the broader premise of public safety due to concerns about any possible resurgences.

The MFA’s response also displayed that China attaches great importance to the concerns of the European Chamber and is actively studying them so that relevant measures may be adjusted if the epidemic situation improves.

The European Chamber will continue to push for broader and swifter opening, so those who need to return to China can do so as soon as possible. Meanwhile, all of the European Chamber’s chapters have been engaging with relevant local authorities to clarify how supportive measures facilitating the return of foreign nationals to China will be implemented at the local level.

The first letter from President Wuttke was sent to Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi on 9th April, Minister Wang Yi responded indicating a ‘fast-track’ system solution for getting residents back to China.