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Europe says China's latest bid to join procurement agreement "highly disappointing"

China's proposed terms to join a global agreement on government purchases are "highly disappointing" and cover only 2-3 percent of its public procurement market, a European Union trade lobby group said on Thursday.

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The future of foreign investment

European industry, in general, is doing well in China. Our profits and revenues in most industry sectors continue to grow and are reaching levels comparable to other regions in the world. The strategic importance of China for our companies is increasing and our investments have brought major benefits to the Chinese economy and Chinese society. These are important points to make, but this success story all too often gets lost regulatory complaints and, increasingly frequently, in trade disputes because there still remains a dormant potential to massively grow the scope of this mutual benefit.

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2012-11-15 > All chapters

Analysts View: Chinese Communist Party unveils new leadership

China's ruling Communist Party unveiled its new seven-man Politburo Standing Committee on Thursday, confirming Xi Jinping's elevation to the no. 1 spot in the line-up and the end of Hu Jintao's 10 years as party boss.

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China must allow more competition

As the Chinese Communist Party is choosing its new leaders for the next decade, the president of the European Chamber of Commerce in China (ECCC) calls on Beijing to open further the country’s market to foreign companies. Davide Cucino’s tells Europolitics why the Asian giant must open up its market if it wants to achieve sustainable long-term growth. The ECCC’s head is also cautious regarding a possible EU-China free trade agreement (FTA).

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The State Advances-The State's Grip on the Economy Has Been Tightening. Could Foreign Pressure Persuade the New Leadership to Reverse Course?

DURING one recent weekend in Shanghai, an enthusiastic crowd of several hundred entrepreneurs gathered in a trendy loft space near the city’s Fudan University. The music was blaring, the lampposts were festooned and a giant banner declared cryptically, in English: “Right here, right now!”

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European Chamber urges China's new leaders to open up markets

A once-in-a-decade leadership change in Beijing offers a chance to make much needed market access reforms, a European business lobby said on Thursday, warning that China's failure to do so could put at risk sustained growth of its state-led economy.

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2012-09-05 > All chapters

EU-China Business Summit

In parallel to the EU-China Political Summit, the EU-China Business Summit will take place on 20th September 2012 in Brussels. It is the highest-level platform for exchanges between EU and Chinese business and political leaders.

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2012-09-04 > All chapters

EU Business in China

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China will present its annual Position Paper at a special lunch seminar, to be held in Brussels on 18th September, 2012.

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2012-08-01 > All chapters

Investment needs a level playing field

At a time when foreign direct investment in China continues to decline, the need for it and its importance are being called into question. However, as the global economic crisis is far from over, this is a time when, if anything, FDI should continue and increase, not the other way around.

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2012-07-27 > Beijing

Energy Working Group News

Bi-weekly Newsletter on Energy policy and trends in China

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